Fat Cow Green Hosting

Environmental concerns like climate change and global warming are important issues that affect our lives every day. While the topic of webhosting doesn’t usually come to mind when this issue is discussed, there is much that hosting businesses can do to help the environment. Fat Cow has quickly become a leader in the green hosting category and because of their innovative policies and business choices each Fat Cow green hosting plan is making a difference.


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The need for green hosting comes from the fact that the web hosting industry needs lots of energy to operate. While most don’t associate internet sites with environmental problems or pollution this isn’t necessarily the case. All hosting providers use power hungry data centers that require extensive electricity for cooling and server power. Couple this with the fact that data centers need to be online 24/7 every day of the year – they are some of the biggest power users in the US.

Webhosting companies like Fat Cow have started to “go green” by using sources of renewable energy, or by offsetting their energy use through the purchase of carbon (environmental) credits. The Fat Cow green hosting plans are “green” because all their data centers are powered by wind energy which leaves a miniscule carbon footprint. When you choose Fat Cow as your hosting provider you will be able to tell your customers and friends that you’re website is 100% powered by clean and natural wind energy. Fat Cow even has some nifty badges and graphics you can download for free to advertise this fact about your commitment to the environment.

Fat Cow combines sought after hosting services and cutting edge technologies at a reasonable price. By visiting Fatcowcouponsite.com you can get a great discount on their green hosting plans for individuals or businesses. Though their prices may be low they aren’t lacking in features or benefits. When you sign up you’ll be guaranteed a low flat monthly price that won’t fluctuate with usage or features no matter how much storage space or bandwidth you use. Click on the link below to get your hosting at a discounted price.