FatCow MiniMoo

If you are looking to launch a small website or a placeholder site, it doesn’t pay to buy a hosting package with more features than you could possibly use.  What you do need is a meat & potatoes package that includes a domain name, hosting space, email, and site-building tools.  The FatCow MiniMoo plan does exactly this, giving new webmasters the features they need to build a great looking site without monthly hosting fees.  When you sign up for the FatCow MiniMoo web hosting package you’ll only be charged $5 dollars for the first year.


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Who Needs the FatCow MiniMoo Plan?
There are two types of customers who choose the FatCow MiniMoo plans.  The first is someone who just needs a website with a few pages and a single email account linked to their domain name of choice.  The second, is someone who has plans for a website but isn’t ready to implement their vision quite yet.  They will choose the FatCow MiniMoo plan in order to throw up a placeholder site stating that their website is “under construction” or “coming soon”.  This is an important phase when setting up a website.  After all you don’t want someone else to grab your idea or domain name just because you’re still in the planning phase of your website vision.

Mooving on Up
After you’ve signed up and published a preliminary site on the MiniMoo plan you can upgrade to the Original FatCow Plan at any time.  With the Original FatCow Plan you will have a wide array of special tools and programs available at your disposal to make a fully functional and modern looking website.  With FatCow as a partner you will always have room to grow your website to its ultimate potential.